What’s on tap Saturday May 6th


In the Tasting Room this Saturday:

Respawn Cream Ale
A Light, Smooth, Creamy Ale

Carlton Small Brown Ale
Malty, Tasty, Sessionable

Cedar River Red Ale
Big malty flavors with a crisp & dry rye finish. Now back full time by popular demand!

Marquee Moon
Our take on the other guy’s ‘moon’ beer. This Belgian Wit is brewed with 3 types of wheat, barley, wildflower honey, bitter and sweet orange, and coriander.

Imperial Oatmeal Cookie Stout
Our Oatmeal Cookie Stout is packed full of toasted and flaked oats, barley, 6 pounds of Franz oatmeal cookies and a touch of rye. ¬†Brewmaster’s Private Reserve is up for grabs. Don’t tell Erik!