Our Beer

At Herbert B. Friendly, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. For us, making beer is all about having fun doing something we love and incorporating parts of our lives into the product. You’ll find that this philosophy carries over into our product names and descriptions.

If you come by the brewery you’ll be welcome to try any of our beers, enjoy hanging out and having a chat while listening to whatever internet radio we’re streaming that day.  We’ll probably give you some swag like a sticker too.

Beer & Growler Prices

We have such a hard time keeping up with demand, we can no longer offer kegs without sufficient time and planning.

Fill Prices

Our Standard Fare

  • Glass of Beer $5
  • 32oz Growler Fill $5
  • 64oz Growler Fill $10

Specialty and Seasonals anywhere from $6-$20 depending on beer and growler size.

Growler Prices

  • 32oz Amber Glass Growler $6
  • 64oz Amber Glass Growler $8
  • 32oz Amber Plastic Growler $4

Our Standard Fare

Make It So!
English-Style Ale Infused with Earl Grey tea
An homage to the Captain. This English-style ale is built on an American 2-Row base with biscuit, aromatic, and a bit of caramel malt.  We ferment this ale first, then infuse it with locally sourced Earl Grey tea and let it condition a little bit longer to integrate the flavors.  Instead of using any bittering hops, we rely on the tea to give this brew it’s bitters.  Complemented by just a touch of Tettnanger hops to accentuate the bergamot.  Engage!

Carlton Small Brown Ale
Malty, Tasty, Sessionable
This American brown ale is designed to be sessionable and flavorful. Even if you’re not a dark beer fan, we think you’ll like it. Brewed with demerara sugar, this tasty brew if definitely for folks who like roasted and caramel malts.

Respawn Cream Ale
A Light, Smooth, Creamy Ale
We add flaked maize, flaked barley, and an extra bit carapils to an American 2 row base for this satisfying cream ale. We ferment this beer a little bit colder than most of our beers to give it it’s light, smooth feel. A perfect beer for camping. Either outdoors or behind your controller for marathon gaming sessions.

About a Girl IPA
American IPA with Lemongrass
A unique IPA we originally created for one of our guests wedding, this American IPA utilizes both Cascade and Calypso hops in addition to Lemongrass to give it a nice citrusy, but strong hop presence. Balanced by a simple malt bill with a touch of caramel, this IPA is more approachable than your traditional Northwest hop bombs. We like those too but that’s not what this one’s about.

 Seasonal & Special Beers

Marquee Moon
Belgian Style Wit with Fresh Citrus and Coriander
Our take on a witbier.  3 kinds of wheat, American barley, fresh citrus, bitter orange, wildflower honey, and coriander combine together with the beer to give this brew great flavors. Always available in the Summer

Cedar River Red Ale
Our tribute to the Cedar River and Renton
2 types of rye, american barley, magnum & hallertau hops come together with an old timey american ale yeast to create this big, bold, crispy red ale packed with malt flavors. Finishes nice and dry, leaving you wanting more.  Always available in the Spring

Northwest Breakfast Stout
Breakfast Stout Aged on Oak and Bourbon
Oatmeal Stout with Coffee. Then we add Woodinville Whiskey Co.Bourbon and a whole mess of toasted oak and age it for 140 days. We change the process up a bit each year but rest assured, this is a massively tasty beer bursting with flavors of coffee, oak, oats, bourbon, toasted things, and chocolate. Available when we make it.

Oatmeal Cookie Imperial Stout
“It’s what happens when grandma & imperial stout collide”
Oatmeal Imperial Stout with a touch of rye, rolled oats, and six pounds of home made, vegan oatmeal raisin cookies.vegan because who wants chicken eggs or butter in their beer? Available when we make it. No seriously, this beer is a lot of work.

Thanks Obama!
Inspired by President Obama’s homebrew
Packed with honey malt & locally sourced wildflower honey, this golden ale is full bodied with upfront malt and honey aroma and finishes nice and smooth leaving you wanting another sip.  Available when we make it.