About Us

Who We Are 

Authentically Northwest, Herbert B. Friendly Brewing delivers delicious, cold, refreshing beer made by hand with natural ingredients. Each batch is created from scratch for your enjoyment. Quality brews of different styles ranging from the classic to the unconventional. We celebrate our love affair with beer and hope to share it with you. Herbert B. Friendly. Small town beer, made Friendly! After all, we are Renton’s Original Nanobrewery.

Started in 2010 as a brew club between two friends but has since turned into a family business, Herbert B. Friendly Brewing went ‘professional’ in August on 2012 and opened its doors to the public in January of 2013. We’re a small family business looking to express ourselves creatively though beer and share it with our local community. We love Renton and are part of a community of small business owners who are genuine, local, and care about a beer community in Renton.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide a world class real beer that is exciting and approachable by beer drinkers of all kinds. We want you to be as excited about drinking great beer as we are to make it. Our beers engage the senses and our attention to detail results in fine, hand crafted, flavorful, authentic, small batch beer; some of the best in the Northwest, maybe even the world!

We achieve our mission by:

  • Engaging your senses by delivering excellent flavor and world class quality.
  • Developing, interpreting, and executing a diverse collection of classic and unique beer styles.
  • Providing friendly, welcoming, warm brand recognition.
  • Building a community of people interested in small batch brews.

Our Core Values

Modern Ideas & Classic Methodology 
Bringing modern ideas to the art of small batch beer brewing while keeping with traditional methods and practice.

Creative & Professional Integrity 
Making creative ales and lagers as well as conducting our business and community relations in a responsible and ethical manner.

Friendly Excellence 
Providing the very highest quality in everything we do. With a smile.

We are normal folks who love beer. We want to satisfy other people who love beer. We value the beer drinking community and we want to bring new ideas and flavors to the table. We promise to always be receptive to constructive feedback and in turn we will always put out beer that we would gladly drink with you.